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9801 Headlight Polish Restoration System

Ideal professional system for easy mechanical and manual polishing of scratched and yellowed plastic headlights. No dismantling necessary! Stone chipping, UV light, salt, insects and weather conditions damage the headlight surface and let them appear dull. Poor visibility is the result!

The easy application takes about 30...

9804 Windshield Repair Kit

MANNOL Windshield Repair Kit is a very handy tool to help you repair your car’s broken windshield in just 30-50 minutes. This kit will minimise the appearance of chips and cracks in your windshield and help to prevent them from spreading further. It works by removing air from the break and then filling it with durable resin, making...

9803 Leather Repair Kit

MANNOL Leather Repair Kit is a very handy and easy-to-use tool to help you repair any cracks, cuts, burns and tears on leather and vinyl material surfaces. A variety of colours and grain papers designed to match surrounding materials are included to help make repairs blend in with the surrounding vinyl or leather. A colour-matching...

9802 Alloy Wheel Repair Kit

Designed to permanently repair curb damages, scratches, slight dents, installation damages, sanding marks and other damages to alloy wheel.Synthetic wheels, steel rims and hubcaps, and many more in similar surface material. Kit includes everything you need to fix scuffs and scratches.