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Products > Oils and lubricants > Motor oils for cars and transporters
Motor oils for cars and transporters

Modern engine oils are based on several basis oils depending on their type or productivity. Additionally we use several additive packets. It was a developed unique oil program, which makes lubrication suitable for all engines. In addition we offer absolute new program for engine oils with StahlSynt-Technology. The recipe of engine oils, which are produced with StahlSynt-Technology, is unique and based on chemical alloys of metal surface under hard dynamically working conditions of the oil film.

    Low viscosity engine oils
Legend+Ester 0W-40 API SN/CF
Energy Ultra JP 5W-20 API SN
Diesel TDI 5W-30 API SN/SM/CF
Energy Combi LL 5W-30 API SN/CF
7917 Energy Formula C4 5W-30
Energy Formula JP 5W-30 API SN
Energy Premium 5W-30 API SN/CF
Diesel Turbo 5W-40 API CI-4/SL
Elite 5W-40 API SN/CF
Energy Formula PD 5W-40 API SN/SM/CF
Extreme 5W-40 API SN/CF
Stahlsynt Ultra 5W-50 API SN/CF
Racing+Ester 10W-60 API SN/SM/CF
Energy 5W-30 API SL

    O.E.M. engine oils
7701 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/SM/CF
7702 O.E.M. 10W-40 API SL/CF
7703 O.E.M. 5W-30
7705 O.E.M. 5W-40 API SN/CF
7706 O.E.M. 5W-30
7707 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN
7709 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CF
7711 O.E.M. 5W-40 API SN
7713 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/SM/SL
7715 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CF
7717 O.E.M. 0W-30 API SN/CF
7719 O.E.M. 0W-40 API SN/CF
7721 O.E.M. 0W-20 API SN
7723 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CF
7725 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN

    Premium engine oils
7512 Special Plus 10W-30 API SN
Classic 10W-40 API SN/SM/CF
Defender 10W-40 API SL
Diesel Extra 10W-40 API CH-4/SL
Gasoil Extra 10W-40 API SL/CF
Molibden Benzin 10W-40 API SL/CF
Molibden Diesel 10W-40 API CG-4/SL
Nano Technology 10W-40 API SM/CF
Special 10W-40 API SG/CD
Favorit 15W-50 API SL/CF-4

    Standard engine oils
Diesel 15W-40 API CG-4/CF-4/CF/SL
Standard 15W-40 API SL/CF
Universal 15W-40 API SG/CD
Gasoil 15W-50 API SG/CD
Safari 20W-50 API SL/CF