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Automaster Hand Gel

MANNOL Automaster Hand Gel is a special gel for effective and gentle cleaning of heavily soiled hands. Thanks to the contained finest abrasives and unique detergents (without addition of organic solvents) it removes oil, grease and tar. It meets the requirements of the EU. This product is biodegradable. It is recommended for use in...

9948 Cleaning Wipes

MANNOL Cleaning Wipes are saturated with a special lotion. They refresh and clean the face and body skin, give a feeling of freshness, moisturise and soften the skin. These wipes have a fine structure and a light, pleasant smell.

9945 Feuchttuecher

MANNOL Feuchttuecher are ideal wet wipes for face and hand skin care as well as for skin care of your child, especially on the road. They are suitable for cleaning and simultaneous care of delicate, sensitive skin. They contain softening and refreshing cleaning lotions. These wipes contain neither alcoholic compounds nor dyes.