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Advertising products
Banner X-Stand MN
Cash Tray
Drum Storage Easy Dispense 6x20L
MN1001 Kugelschreiber 4 (Ball Pen) MN
MN1002 Kugelschreiber 6 (Ball Pen) MN
MN1010 Ruler MN
MN1011 Notebook MN
MN1013 Mouse Pad MN
MN1021 Magnetic Phone Mount
MN1414 Office chair (silver/blue)
MN1501 Shelf 120x200
MN1502 Shelf 75x200
MN1513 Drum Storage Rack 6x20L
MN1623 Banner (Motor Oil) MN 1x3m
MN1624 Banner (O.E.M.) MN 1x3m
MN1625 Banner (ATF) MN 1x3m
MN1804 Oil Service Sticker
MN1808 Oil Change Label (window)
Regal MN display shelf 75x200 4 shelves - OEM set
Seat Cover MANNOL
MN1040 Kalender
MN1619 Roll Up Banner MN
Roll Up Banner MN
MN1015 Coffee Mug MN
MN1606 Flag "Mannol"
MN1020 Flash Light LED incl. Battery, Box MN
License Plate Frame
MN1803 Plastic Bag MN + SCT
MN1051 Shoulder Bag MN
MN1052 Shopping Bag MN
Sticker Set 700 x 500 mm

Anti-corrosion products
9909 Anticor
9919 Anticor Spray

Carbody care products
9683 Tire Shine
9820 Chrom Politur
9890 Pre-Paint Silicone Remover
9674 Acryl Paint Black
9675 Acryl Paint Chrome
9676 Acryl Paint Silver
9809 Auto Wash&Wax
9808 Auto Shampoo ASK
9668 Tar Remover
9975 Felgen Cleaner
9672 Montage Cleaner
9969 Cooling Spray
9673 Tire Cleaner
Silicone Spray
9967 Lock De-Icer
Car Wash Shampoo
Active Foam
Sea Touch Shampoo
Motor Cleaner Solvent Free
Universal Technical Cleaner

Casual & work clothing
Advertising T-Shirt
MN2519 Cap white MN
MN2520 Cap blue MN
MN2522 Cap black MN
SCT2518 Cap blue SCT
MN2061 Worker Clothes
MN2050/MN2051 Winter Workwear

Catalogues and flyers
Booklet "MANNOL Oil, Lubricants & Fluids"
Catalogue "MANNOL Oils"

Coolant system additives
9965 Radiator Flush
9966 Radiator Leak-Stop

Engine cleaners and rust removers
7901 Chain Lube
7904 Chain Cleaner
9870 Super Cleaner
9873 Intake Valve Cleaner
9964 Air Filter Oil
9897 Belt Tensioner
9970 Carburetor Cleaner
9671 Motor Kaltreiniger
M-40 Lubricant
9932 Rust Dissolver
9973 Motor Cleaner
9893 Contact Cleaner

Fuel additives

    Diesel fuel additives
9694 DPF Foam Cleaner
9995/9996 DPF Regenerator & Flush Fluid
ready-to-use AdBlue®
9980 Diesel Jet Cleaner
9984 Diesel Plus
9988 Super Diesel Cetan Plus
Winter Diesel

    Petrol fuel additives
Catalytic System Cleaner
9981 Injector Cleaner
9669 Motor Starter
9989 Super Benzin Oktan Plus

9717 Bandage Tape
9817 Insulating Tape
9911 RTV Gasket Maker Gray Neutral
9912 Gasket Maker Black
9913 Gasket Maker Gray
9914 Gasket Maker Red
9915 RTV Adhesive Sealant Blue
9916 Gasket Maker Transparent
9917 Multitape
Thread Seal Tape

Gear oils & transmission fluids

    Automatic transmission fluids
Dexron VI
O.E.M. 8208
O.E.M. 8215
O.E.M. 8216 for CVT
O.E.M. 8217 ATF WS
O.E.M. 8218 Multivehicle JWS
Dexron III Automatic Plus
Dexron II Automatic
ATF AG52 Automatic Special
ATF Multivehicle
Type T-IV Automatic Special
SP-III Automatic Special
ATF WS Automatic Special
CVT Variator Fluid

    Gear oils
8109 Unigear 75W-80 API GL4/GL5
8202 DCT Fluid
Gear Oil ISO 220
Maxpower 4x4 75W-140 API GL-5 LS
Extra Getriebeoel 75W-90 API GL 4/GL 5 LS
MTF-4 Getriebeoel 75W-80 API GL-4
Hypoid Getriebeoel 80W-90 API GL 4/GL 5 LS
Basic Plus 75W-90 API GL 4+
FWD Getriebeoel 75W-85 API GL 4
Universal Getriebeoel 80W-90 API GL 4
Hypoid LSD 85W-140 API GL-5 LS

Glas cleaners and care products
9874 Glass Foam
9908 Defroster
9974 Glas Cleaner
5022 Scheiben Reiniger 1:100
5024 Scheiben-Reiniger -70 °C
9947 Window Wipes

Glues & repair sets for plastic parts
9822 Gel Super Glue
9918 2K-PUR
9934 Rearview Mirror Adhesive
9910 Windshield Sealant
9928 Epoxidkitt Stahl + Metall
9905 Epoxy-Metal
9904 Epoxy-Plastic
9922 Super Glue
9901 2K-Acryl Fix Bond


    Other greases
MN Emulsion
LC-2 High Temperature Grease
EP-2 Multi-MoS2 Grease
MP-2 Multipurpose Grease
WR-2 Long Term Grease
Li-EP-00/000 Low Viscosity Grease
8121 White Grease
9896 Kupferpaste

Hygiene products
Automaster Hand Gel
9948 Cleaning Wipes
9945 Feuchttuecher

Industrial Oils

    Compressor oils
Compressor Oil ISO 100
Compressor Oil ISO 150
Compressor Oil ISO 46

    Engine oils for heavy loads

    Hydraulic oils
Hydro HV ISO 32
Hydro HV ISO 46
MN Hydro HV ISO 46 Zinc Free
Hydro HV ISO 68
Hydro ISO 100
Hydro ISO 150
Hydro ISO 32
Hydro ISO 46
Hydro ISO 68

    Oils for pre-treatment
Flushing Oil

    Turbine oils
Turbine 32
Turbine 46
Turbine 68

Interior and exterior restoration systems
9801 Headlight Polish Restoration System
9802 Alloy Wheel Repair Kit
9803 Leather Repair Kit
9804 Windshield Repair Kit

Interior care products
9971 Air Conditioner Cleaner
Cockpit-Reiniger New Car
Cockpit-Reiniger Rose
9978 Air-Con Fresh
9937 Geruchsvernichter
Cockpit-Reiniger Glanz Effect
Cockpit-Reiniger Matt Effect
6145 Cockpit Care Apple
6147 Cockpit Care New Car
6149 Cockpit Care Vanilla
Cockpit-Reiniger Apple
Cockpit-Reiniger Citron
9931 Textile Foam
9944 Leather Cleaner
9976 Textile Cleaner
9972 Universal Cleaner
9946 Interior Wipes

Lacquer care products, polishes & waxes
9962 Polirol Schleif
9977 Speed Wax
9961 Polirol PTFE
9960 Schleifpaste Profi Set

Motor oils for cars and transporters

    Low viscosity engine oils
Legend+Ester 0W-40 API SN/CF
Energy Ultra JP 5W-20 API SN
Diesel TDI 5W-30 API SN/SM/CF
Energy Combi LL 5W-30 API SN/CF
7917 Energy Formula C4 5W-30
Energy Formula JP 5W-30 API SN
Energy Premium 5W-30 API SN/CF
Diesel Turbo 5W-40 API CI-4/SL
Elite 5W-40 API SN/CF
Energy Formula PD 5W-40 API SN/SM/CF
Extreme 5W-40 API SN/CF
Stahlsynt Ultra 5W-50 API SN/CF
Racing+Ester 10W-60 API SN/SM/CF
Energy 5W-30 API SL

    O.E.M. engine oils
7701 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/SM/CF
7702 O.E.M. 10W-40 API SL/CF
7703 O.E.M. 5W-30
7705 O.E.M. 5W-40 API SN/CF
7706 O.E.M. 5W-30
7707 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN
7709 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CF
7711 O.E.M. 5W-40 API SN
7713 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/SM/SL
7715 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CF
7717 O.E.M. 0W-30 API SN/CF
7719 O.E.M. 0W-40 API SN/CF
7721 O.E.M. 0W-20 API SN
7723 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN/CF
7725 O.E.M. 5W-30 API SN

    Premium engine oils
7512 Special Plus 10W-30 API SN
Classic 10W-40 API SN/CH-4
Defender 10W-40 API SL
Diesel Extra 10W-40 API CH-4/SL
Gasoil Extra 10W-40 API SL/CF
Molibden Benzin 10W-40 API SL/CF
Molibden Diesel 10W-40 API CG-4/SL
Nano Technology 10W-40 API SM/CF
Special 10W-40 API SG/CD
Favorit 15W-50 API SL/CF-4

    Standard engine oils
Diesel 15W-40 API CG-4/CF-4/CF/SL
Standard 15W-40 API SL/CF
Universal 15W-40 API SG/CD
Gasoil 15W-50 API SG/CD
Safari 20W-50 API SL/CF

Motor oils for trucks, buses etc.

    Low viscosity engine oils
TS-6 UHPD Eco 10W-40 API CI-4/SL
TS-7 UHPD Blue 10W-40 API CJ-4
TS-8 UHPD Super 5W-30
TS-17 UHPD Blue 5W-30
TS-18 15W-40 CK-4 API CK-4/CJ-4
TS-14 UHPD 15W-40 API CJ-4/SN
TS-20 SHPD 10W-30 API CJ-4/SN

    Premium engine oils
TS-5 UHPD 10W-40 API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SL
TS-12 SHPD 10W-30 API CG-4/CF-4/CF/SL

    Standard engine oils
TS-1 SHPD 15W-40 API CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SL
TS-15 SHPD 20W-50 API CI-4/CF/SL
TS-2 SHPD 20W-50 API CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SL
TS-3 SHPD 10W-40 API CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SL
TS-4 SHPD 15W-40 API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF/SL
TS-11 SHPD 15W-40 Geo

Oil additives

9998 PTFE Protector
9999 Metal Conditioner
9900 Motor Flush
9990 Motor Doctor
9991 Molibden Additive
9902 Getriebeoel-Additiv Automatik
9903 Getriebeoel-Additiv Manual

    Leak-Stop additives
9968 Getriebeoel Leak-Stop
9423 Oil Leak-Stop
9923 Power Steering Leak-Stop

Oils for agricultural machinery

    Standard engine oils
Multi UTTO WB 101 API GL-4
TO-4 Powertrain Oil SAE 10W
TO-4 Powertrain Oil SAE 30
TO-4 Powertrain Oil SAE 50
Traktor Superoil API SG/CD
Multifarm STOU 10W-30 API CG-4
Multifarm STOU 10W-40 API CG-4/SF GL4

Oils for motorbikes, outboard engines etc.

    Garden equipment oils
7858 Agro Formula S API TC
7859 Agro HSQ API TC
4-Takt Agro SAE 30 API SG

    Motorcycle oils
4-Takt Plus API SL
7209 4-Takt Premium API SM
7804 Scooter 2-Takt API TC
7805 Scooter 2-Takt Premium API TC+
7807 Quad 4-Takt Racing API SL/CF
7808 V-Twin for Harley-Davidson API SM
7809 Scooter 4-Takt API SL
7812 Motorbike 4-Takt API SL
7830 Motorbike 4-Takt HD API SL
7832 4-Takt Powerbike API SM
2-Takt Plus API TC
2-Takt Universal API TC

    Outboard motors oils
7818 Outboard 2-Takt Premium API TC
7820 Aqua Jet 4-Takt API SL
Outboard Marine API TD
Outboard Universal API TC

    Snowmobile oils
2-Takt Snowpower API TC+

Oils for ship engines

    Standard engine oils
Marine 0930 API CF
Marine 0940 API CF
Marine 0950 API CF
Marine 1230 API CF
Marine 1240 API CF
Marine 3040 API CF
Marine X70 API CF

Operating and service fluids

    A/C system fluids
9891 PAG 46 Refrigerant oil

    Brake fluids
Brake Fluid DOT-4
Air Brake Antifreeze

    Coolant fluids
AF13++ Antifreeze (High-performance)
AG11 Antifreeze (Longterm)
AG11 -40°C Antifreeze (Longterm)
AF12+ Antifreeze (Longlife)
AF12+ -40°C Antifreeze (Longlife)
AG13 Antifreeze (Hightec)
AG13 -40°C Antifreeze (Hightec)
AG13+ Antifreeze (Advanced)
AG13+ -40°C Antifreeze (Advanced)

    Gear oils and hydraulic fluids
LDS Fluid
LHM+ Fluid
8970 Power Steering Fluid
8980 Power Steering Fluid
8990 Central Hydraulic Fluid

Polish chamoises and suction blocks
9815 Micro Fiber Cloth
9814 Micro Fiber Polish
9810 Saugblock
9811 Synthetic Chamois

Products for workshops and special tools
AH-02 Compressor Air Hose PU 10m
F1004 Oil Drain Pan 15L
F1005 Oil Drain Pan 7L
MN1065 Fender Cover
RT01VS-530K Ratchet Cargo Tie-Down Straps

Fix-Gewinde Hochfest
Fix-Gewinde Mittelfest

Tire repair products
9906 Reifen Doctor

Workshop tools
C1001 Oil Drain Plug Key Set (12pc)