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Products > Oils and lubricants > Operating and service fluids > Gear oils and hydraulic fluids

MANNOL 8990 Central Hydraulic Fluid

Operating and service fluids > Gear oils and hydraulic fluids

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
VW TL 52146 (G 002 000/G 004 000)
BMW 81 22 9 407 758
MB 345.0
VOLVO 8713089
GM/OPEL B 040 0070
MAN M3289 (3623/93)
FENDT X 902.011.622


Mannol 8990 Central Hydraulic Fluid (CHF) is high performance hydraulic fluid for life-time application in modern vehicle aggregates like power steering, level control, shock absorber, hydropneumatic suspension, stability- and traction control, hydraulics for convertible tops, central lock systems. Suitable for all extreme conditions and guarantees full performance from -40°C to over 130°C system temperature. Especially designed for hydraulics in the automotive industry with highest technical requirements. To mix only with original central hydraulic fluids.

1L (MN8990-1ME) ,     500ml (8990-05) ,     500ml (8990-05ME)