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MANNOL 9676 Acryl Paint Silver

Carbody care products


MANNOL Acryl Paint is a fast-drying acrylic paint for fast and durable painting as well as paint refurbishing of steel rims, shock absorbers, ornamented lacquer and other dull or scratched surfaces. It has excellent adhesive properties that facilitate a reliable adhesion of both older and newer lacquer coatings. This product can also be used as a universal everyday paint and during repairs in workshops.

First sand, refine and degrease the surface. Remove rust. Shake can for 2 minutes. Spray the paint from 30 cm on surface. It is recommended to apply more than 1 thin coating. After applying every coating, wait few minutes, but not longer than 30 minutes. After use turn can upside down and spray shortly to avoid nozzle plugging. If it is necessary set the paint by special transparent lacquer.

450ml (9676)