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MANNOL 9694 DPF Foam Cleaner

Fuel additives > Diesel fuel additives


MANNOL DPF Foam Cleaner is used to remedy reductions in performance and malfunctions caused by soiled diesel particulate filters. Cleaning restores the full flow capacity of the filter. Loosens and removes carbon deposits in particulate filters. Removal of the DPF not necessary for cleaning. Saves money, as a new particulate filter may not need to be installed (this depends on the condition of the particulate filter). Not flammable. Neutral ash- and metal-free formula. Evaporates without leaving residue behind.

Application: Remove the temperature or pressure sensor. Insert the tube through the opening which has been made and empty in the direction of the particulate filter by using puffs in ten-second intervals. Regeneration must then be initiated manually by the tester or by taking a test drive. After regeneration, query the error memory and clear any errors which may be present. One can is sufficient for a particulate filter.

500ml (9694)