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MANNOL 9960 Schleifpaste Profi Set

Lacquer care products, polishes & waxes


MANNOL Schleifpaste Profi Set is a set of professional grain pastes for manual and mechanical polishing of varnish-and-paint surfaces. The pastes differ in the size of the abrasives. MANNOL Schleifpaste № 1 removes deep scratches and removes oxidised or dull upper layers of varnish thanks to the contained large-size abrasive components. It enables the easy removal of overspray and varnish stains during the restoration of the bodywork as well as correction of colour gradations during partial painting. MANNOL Schleifpaste № 2 removes slight scratches, minor defects of varnish-and-paint coatings and remnants of old wax thanks to the contained abrasive components. It easily removes overspray after painting the bodywork, facilitates a deep cleaning of the surface, removes rust and aggressive substances from varnish microcracks and chrome separate parts. Abrasive particles sizes: MANNOL Schleifpaste №1 – 48 μm, MANNOL Schleifpaste №2 – 35 μm.

Clean the surfaces to be treated. Rub MANNOL Schleifpaste №1 onto small areas using a cloth or sponge by exerting pressure until the oxidised layers, dirt and scratches have been removed. For shining lacquer extensively apply MANNOL Schleifpaste №2 onto the surface with the provided wet cloth and polish it in, then wash it off. We recommend MANNOL Waxy Hartwachs for optimal lacquer protection.

325g+75g (9960)