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MANNOL 9984 Diesel Plus

Fuel additives > Diesel fuel additives


MANNOL Diesel Plus 1:1000 is a complex additive to diesel fuel to improve the usage characteristics of diesel engines. The thoroughly compiled components make it possible to achieve a noticeable improvement in operating characteristics when used regularly. By using the indicated dosage (1:1000) the contained cetane booster increases the cetane number up to 3 points, which improves the inflammation process and ensures smooth engine running. It contains cleaning detergents for the following components: turbocharger, particulate filter, inlet/outlet valves, exhaust gas recirculation valve and injection valves. Simultaneously, it ensures an unobstructed exhaust emission and reduced fuel consumption. Since the moving engine parts are also lubricated, an additional protective effect is accomplished. Furthermore, it prevents scorching as well as preventing resin deposits from settling on the nozzle needles. The set of high-tech additions optimises the working characteristics of diesel engines, stabilises ageing and oxidation processes and cleans the injection nozzles. Not only does its preventive effect reduce the maintenance effort, but also the risk of high diagnosis and repair costs.

Add Diesel Plus to the fuel tank before each refuelling at the ratio of 1:1000 (250 ml Diesel Plus to 250 L of diesel fuel).

250ml (9984)