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MANNOL 9988 Super Diesel Cetan Plus

Fuel additives > Diesel fuel additives


MANNOL Super Diesel is a special additive that improves the properties of diesel fuel. The highly effective combination of substances increases the cetane number, cleans the injector nozzles, the combustion chamber, the valves and the piston heads from combustion residues. An increase in engine power and a smooth idle are ensured, engine noise is reduced, starts during winter are facilitated, the additional lubrication of the fuel system separate parts is ensured, which extends the working life of the separate parts. The emission of harmful substances is reduced and the composition of exhaust emissions is optimised. Complete and effective fuel combustion is promoted, the consumption of which thereby is indeed reduced. This product is recommended for all diesel and turbo diesel engines.

The contents of the package is added to the tank when refuelling at a ratio of 1:300 (200 ml to 60 L of fuel). Self-mixing.

200ml (9988)