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MANNOL 9995/9996 DPF Regenerator & Flush Fluid

Fuel additives > Diesel fuel additives


9995 DPF Regenerator
The highly effective regenerator removes soiling from pores of your diesel particulate filter reliably and without residue. For direct injection into the filter without dismounting. Suitable for all closed diesel particulate filter systems.
Application: Cool diesel particulate filter down to less than 40 °C, establish access to system via lambda probe. Spray whole regenerator in piles at a pressure of 4 bar into system in direction of filter. Use MANNOL 9996 DPF Flush Fluid afterwards.

9996 DPF Flush Fluid
The highly effective flush fluid is to be used after cleaning your diesel particulate filter with MANNOL 9995 DPF Regenerator. Flushes dissolved residues out of the filter. For direct injection into the filter without dismounting.
Application: Spray whole flush fluid into system, close access to filter via lambda probe afterwards. Let vehicle reach operating temperature in neutral at least for 20 min. and carry out manual filter regeneration according to manufacturer’s instructions afterwards.

1L+1L (9995/9996)