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MANNOL Favorit 15W-50 API SL/CF-4

Motor oils for cars and transporters > Premium engine oils

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
SAE 15W-50
MB 228.1/229.1
VW 501.01/505.00
MAN 271


Mannol Favorit 15W50 is a semi-synthetic multipurpose multigrade engine oil for modern gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharge. Provides safe engine lubrication at extreme loads. Prevents low-temperature sediments formation thus providing optimal oil feeding to the engine components. Contains low-ash additives to prolong the endurance of the catalyst.

Product Characteristics:
Characteristics Method Unit Value
Density at 15°C D 1298 kg/m³ 891
Flash point COC D 92 °C 224
Pour point D 97 °C -25
SAE-class 15W-50
TBN D 2896 gKOH/kg 7,4
Viscosity at -25°C D 5293 CP 7000
Viscosity at 100°C D 445 CSt 16,5
Viscosity at 40°C D 445 CSt 126,4
Viscosity index D 2270 140

The data provided is based on standard laboratory tests and given only as a reference. The indicators can vary within the permissible range.

1L (MN7510-1) ,     5L (MN7510-5) ,     10L (MN7510-10) ,     20L (MN7510-20) ,     60L (MN7510-60) ,     208L (MN7510-DR)