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Motor oils for trucks, buses etc. > Standard engine oils

Corresponds with requirements / specifications / products:
SAE 10W-40
ACEA E3/A3/B3/B4
MB 228.3/229.1
MAN 3275


Mannol TS-3 SHPD is a special light Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) engine oil with the mineral basis of the highest quality for trucks’ and regular buses’ diesels used at extreme loads. Thanks to thoroughly selected additives provides perfect wear-out and deterioration protection at increased engine speed, high loads and at wide temperature range. Perfect low-temperature properties guarantee easy cold cranking and high pump ability. Reduces oil and fuel consumption. Provides the cleanness of the engine components during the whole operation life.

Product Characteristics:
Characteristics Method Unit Value
Density at 15°C D 1298 kg/m³ 886
Flash point COC D 92 °C 226
Pour point D 97 °C -35
SAE-class 10W-40
TBN D 2896 gKOH/kg 9,5
Viscosity at -25°C D 5293 CP 7000
Viscosity at 100°C D 445 CSt 14,4
Viscosity at 40°C D 445 CSt 110,6
Viscosity index D 2270 133

The data provided is based on standard laboratory tests and given only as a reference. The indicators can vary within the permissible range.

10L (MN7103-10) ,     20L (MN7103-20) ,     60L (MN7103-60) ,     208L (MN7103-DR) ,     1000L (MN7103-IBC)